How to Clean My Coffee Maker

How to Clean My Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are good to go with. They add convenience to the way you have to make coffee and then add the robust flavor to your coffee as well. Most of the coffee machines which are for the residential purpose are very comfortable to use and make coffee for you very quickly. Isn’t it great? Indeed, it is. However, the more machines and tools you have, the more cleanliness you have to maintain in order to make them long last. The case is similar when you use coffee machines. You have to keep it clean and hygienic so that you get the taste of your favorite coffee for longer years.

A lot of people who keep coffee makers with themselves, they suggest that one can clean coffee maker apple cider vinegar.  The regular cleaning of the coffee machine is quite important because if it is not cleaned properly, you will notice that the flavor of coffee changes. It might also taste unusual to you. It happens that most of the people try to brew the best coffee for themselves, but they are not worried too much about cleaning the machine. However, it should be in your priority list. The apple cider vinegar takes out all the bacteria and germs present in the machines. Make sure that the machine does not remain moist, it should be dried completely.

These are the steps which you can follow while you clean your coffee machine with apple cider vinegar-

Step 1- Take 2 parts of water and one part of apple cider vinegar

Step 2- Now run the coffee machine the way you use it for making the coffee

Step 3- Rinse the coffee machine with water

Step 4- Again pour water in the coffee machine and run it

Step 5- Rinse the coffee machine

Step 6- Allow the coffee machine to dry completely

Clean a Coffee Maker with Bleach

 A research study has found out that almost half of the coffee makers have mold and yeast in it. It indicates that coffee machines are not cleaned on a regular basis. It was also found that the coffee machines had coli form bacteria. Cleaning the coffee machine is as important as having your favorite cup of coffee.  You can also clean a coffee maker with bleach

These are the steps which you can follow to clean the coffee maker with bleach-

Step 1- You need to take 3 cups of water and 1 cup bleach

Step 2- Mix water and the bleach

Step 3- Place a filter paper in the coffee maker

Step 4- Now add the mixture of water and bleach to the coffee machine. Add more water if required

Step 5- Run the coffee machine.

Step 6- After a minute or a two, stop the coffee machine

Step 7- Drain the mixture of bleach and water from the machine itself.

Step 8-Pour the water and rinse again and again so that no bleach remains in the coffee machine.

There are certainly other issues that take place with coffee machines, e.g. – Rusting. You also need to remove rust from the coffee maker hot plate.

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