How to Use a Coffee Maker?

How to Use a Coffee Maker

The best feeling: Standing on your rooftop and enjoying every sip with your bae while the sunsets.
Yes, that’s something we all cherish. Gone are the days when we used to hand stir the batter for coffee, or maybe use a blender. Who puts in these many efforts? Do we? Nah, not really. Today is the age of modernization, an age where everything is automated ranging from small to large scale development, we all prefer automated system just because of their promise for minimum efforts and larger output.

Automated stuff has not only added value to our lives but has also made it a lot simpler in terms of work, output characteristics. Today we don’t work that hard to get things done, yet our lives have been as smooth as hell. Food is strongly connected to our lives and that too in such a way that few drinks are part of our daily schedule.

Coffee is something we all cherish, coffee has emotions, memories, and liveliness, a virtue that changes mood swings in no time. A relaxant, yes, not just a drink but lifeline. Coffee makes you go energetic and relaxes your brain, but alas that great taste requires a blend of technology with it.

That taste of coffee although varies from person to person but that taste needs to be in just an “appropriate” proportion. Hence, the human mind has now introduced a coffee maker. Today all you need to do is a coffee maker, pour in the ingredients and its done. How to use a coffee maker will be something you might be wondering right, okay we have it done for you. Detailed steps are given below.

How to Use a Coffee Maker

How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker?

  1. Heat the water in the kettle 
  2. Pour your coffee beans (preferably ground), if they are pure coffee beans, which works the best, else already available ground coffee can be used.
  3. Remove the upper lid and the filter of the French press pot.
  4. Add the coffee seeds, or powdered (amount depends on the taste you want, be it hard or mild one).
  5. Pour hot water right over the coffee making it stir along with it.
  6. Stirring is important at this point, you need to make sure that there are no lumps of coffee available out there as then it will not be possible for you to remove it in the later stage.
  7. of stirring well:
  8. It makes the essence of coffee felt accurate.
  9. Prevents lumps, thereby ensuring no distractions.
  10. Close the lid and let it soak in all water present, in the meantime make sure you don’t press down the plunger.
  11. After 4-5 minutes, you can now press down to strain the coffee. The filter is pushed down to the bottom which leaves strained coffee above.
  12. sure you don’t apply too much pressure else that will cause hot coffee splashing on your mouth.
  13. Your freshly brewed coffee is ready for the serve.

How to Use a Drip Coffee Maker?

Post brew:
Get the pot cleaned up at first ensuring there is no dust present over there.

  1. Make sure that the coffee is well ground, as said above well ground coffee gives an even better taste.
  2. There are three types of filters that can be used: Flat bottom Filters: medium(sand-like structure), Cone Shaped Filters: medium / fine (finer than granulated sugar)
  3. Gold / plastic permanent filter: Medium
  4.  Properly using these filters can ensure the best of tastes of coffee.
  5.  Then place the powder of coffee in the pot.
  6.  Experiment with the temperature setup by testing with the temperature of the pot.
  7. Pour water or other ingredients in the desired proportion (depending on the amount of sugar/coffee/milk/water), the drinker personally requires. Every such ingredient can be continuously stirred to make it a smooth mixture. A mixture smooth enough to let the drinker feel no hindrance while drinking.
  8. Switch on the supply to let the vessel heat 
  9.  Serve when ready! But make sure the vessel is aesthetic.

Difference Between French Press and Drip Coffee Maker

● French press coffee maker does not require any kind of electric supply, therefore, it does not leave any after tones.
● French press takes lesser space than the drip coffee maker.
● French press, however, involves even more mess.
● If watermark goes missing in French press you never know how much water to put, you’ll have to use a measuring cup.
● Once brewed French press needs to be consumed, it cannot be used again.


The above mentioned are the easiest yet very convenient steps to make a world-class coffee. We now know how to use a coffee maker to make the best possible coffee without even getting a change in taste of any kind. That’s called using technology to its level best.

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