What to do With Old Coffee Maker

What to do With Old Coffee Maker

Technologies change every day and so do our choices. Earlier people use to make coffee in a pan over a gas stove or induction. Now, most of the coffee lovers have a coffee machine. The technologies in the coffee machine also get innovation, so you might think of buying a new coffee machine, a one with improved technology! Then you realize that what you would do with the coffee machine which you already have. Should you dispose of a coffee maker you have?

One of the ideas is to dispose of the coffee maker which you already have. One of the fastest growing wastes is the e-waste which includes disposing of all kinds of electronic appliances, the coffee maker as well. While you dispose of it, you should be thinking about disposing of it. If it is not working, the first thing which you must think is to focus upon how to get it repaired rather than throwing or disposing of it away.  This way you will be able to build a sustainable environment around yourself.

  • The first thing which you can do is to troubleshoot your coffee maker. The manufacturers always provide you with a manual. You can go through the manual and find the relevant information. Else you can look up to the thousands of videos which you provide you with the information on how to repair your coffee maker
  • If the above solution does not work, you can take it to the repair shop

Dispose of a Coffee Maker

If you want to buy a coffee machine then look forward to recycling, disposing it or giving it to someone who needs it.  One of the other best ways is to recycle the coffee machine which you have. Another way is to sell it through a viable option, like selling it on eBay. If it is in good condition, reusing is still the best way.  You can also sell it via Facebook. You can also try it to give it to a local charity, but if the charity organization does need it, do not give otherwise it will go into a landfill only.

If something cannot be repaired or reused, recycling is a viable option. The electrical items like coffee makers are complex and quite dangerous to break down so it cannot be recycled easily. There are electronic waste companies that do things like recycling electronic waste. There are recycling councils that can advise where to send your coffee maker.

Apart from reusing, recycling, giving it to charity or disposing of your coffee maker, you can use it for steaming your veggies for salad, like you can steam broccoli and other green vegetables. Using a burr grinder is a far better choice for making coffee. The coffee gets grounded either by blade or burr. These are the best coffee maker with a burr grinder

  • Breville pro burr grinder
  • Baratza Encore Coffee grinder
  • Lume travel grinder
  • Proctor Silex grinder
  • Capresso Conical burr grinder
  • Oxo coffee grinder
  • Cuisinart burr grinder

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